Our support team replies within a delay of 48 hours. If you have any questions, comments or problems about our software please contact us directly using the contact form (http://www.vso-software.fr/company.php#contact).

Happy user philosophy: To guarantee that clients will be satisfied with their purchase we provide trial versions of our software allowing users to see if products do what they want and to verify the compatibly on their computers configuration. Trial versions are complete versions with the only limitation of either being limited time (21 day trial period) or a trial message placed on video output. All features of software and burning functions are available to allow users to examine in detail the whole product before purchasing.

Refunds possible for the following cases:

1) For duplicate orders (ordered twice by accident)
2) When users faces a technical problem in which VSO technical support team, with the help of user, confirms based on reports and testing that no solution can be found or provided within a reasonable time. To start this process users write to VSO using the technical support form. (http://www.vso-software.fr/contactform.php?topic=technical)

Refunded clients keys are cancelled and no longer unblock products.